Kyrle Fryling

Kyrle Fryling - Guiding a Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Roofing Company

As owner of A1-Roofers, Kyrle Fryling leads a general contracting firm that offers customers in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, services such as commercial and residential roofing and siding. Also skilled in electrical and plumbing services, he has extensive experience in basement renovations. Kyrle Fryling leverages two decades of industry experience in guaranteeing quality, personalized work. He manages a team of five skilled contractors and oversees all work himself. Should any issue arise, he offers 24/7 phone responsiveness.

Originally from Santa Maria, California, Kyrle Fryling studied automotive maintenance and got into the roofing business when a close friend invited him to join a crew. After more than a decade of learning his trade as a member of roofing and construction teams, he put a company logo on his truck and started in business for himself. In his free time, Mr. Fryling has a passion for repairing things around the house and making furniture. Mr. Fryling has a home in the Philippines that he constructed on his own.