Babe Ruth
By:RashiA.Glenn Computer Science:4 Crossroads@Meads
Philadelphia, PA

My name is Rashi Glenn I'm doing a report on Babe Ruth.Babe Ruth was born on Febuary 6,1895.Babe Ruth was one of the best baseball players in history. On June 13, Babe goes to St. Mary's Industrial school for boys.Babe Ruth first was on the Baltimore Orioles as an picher. When Babe Ruth got signed to the Boston Red Sox he hit his first home run in major-league baseball.Babe Ruth was known as "The Shot".

Babe Ruth mom died when he was in St. Mary's Industrial school for boys in 1910. Then 8 years later his dad died right after Babe hit his first home run in major league baseball. Babe's mother did not get to meet her grandchildren or new daughter. That was Babe Ruth's wife her name was Helen Woodford.