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Baxter OV851 Revolving Tray Oven

The Baxter OV851 series of revolving tray ovens offer the features you need for easy operation. Baxter is the industry.leader for innovation and reliability.The Baxter OV851 oven features a digital control panel for accurate temperature and time display.The control panel is easy to read with large LED display.

With the smooth oven shelf rotation and even heat distribution this oven is perfect for delicate items like cakes and pastries. The Baxter Revolving Tray Oven is also time tested and proven with breads and bagels.

The Stainless Steel exterior provides a durable, easy to clean oven body. The oven comes standard with a Type II exhaust hood. For food service applications an optional Type 1 hood is available for purchase.

The Baxter OV851 Revolving Tray Oven is designed for the baker with all the oven controls are located in the front and all oven maintenance is serviced from the front. This means that the oven does not require side access for maintenance. The OV851 works very well in areas that are short on space.

Oven Features:

  • Automatic tray stops
  • Forward and reverse buttons
  • NSF, BISSC, UL certified
  • Built in Type II exhaust hood
  • Easy installation
  • Digital control panel
  • Smooth easy rotation
  • Maintenance free tray bushings
  • Torque sensor for “pan jamming”
  • Manual hand crank for emergency power outage