Global DrugTrafficking


Drug Trafficking

Drug Trafficking, the cultivation manufacture distribution or sale of substance, is subject to drug prohibition laws estimated to be $32 billion industry drug trafficking continues to be the most lucrative from business for criminals world wide

Drugs and Money

This is a lot of money that people would want to make or have all that money that is why a lot of people want to be involved in trafficking around the world but if you get cough you can got to prison or die behind it and people will try to kill you if you got that much money or drugs.

Global drug trafficking has a strong impact on major health issues, the economy and laws and regulation.

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Drug trafficking is the most crucial and most dangerous phase of the illicit drug market. Thousands of kilograms of illegal drugs cross international borders daily, leaving the hands of violent traffickers and entering the lives of drug dealers and addicts. Every week, hundreds of people are murdered in incidents directly related to trafficking…Still, forty years later, one strategy has yet to be fully tested: universal legalization. Although counterintuitive at first glance, legalization could provide a successful framework for destabilizing the global market and solving the drug trafficking problem.(Jenner 902).Government trying to stop drug trafficking because it is not legalized and pulse people are getting killed or go to prison for the rest of they life and its taking money from the economy and from the people that don’t have jobs if they addicted to drugs It also can kill people who is addicted to different drug or take all different type will have bad health the hospital might not always be able to save them if they have a heart attack.

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