Cuttlefish: Kings of camoflauge

Have you ever heard of a creature... That has 3 hearts, pumping blue blood... Eight arms growing out of its head, that hold a brain shaped like a donut, which is controlling 20million pigment cells and eridecent reflecting cells? This somewhat alien lives right here on earth. It is called the cuttlefish.


The cuttlefish is a master when it comes to camoflauge. It can push up bumps along its skin. Using the huge brain, it controls 20million pigment cells to change color. This is one of the most unknown mollusks in the world! You will learn about it's characteristics and relatives, brain power, body power, and breeding.

Characteristics and Relatives

This intelligent creature is related to a slug. With co backbone or shell, the cuttlefish fits in a group called mollusks, along with its more famous cousins, octopus, and squid. The bad thing avout ceing a cuttlefish is that you're on the menu for almost anything with a fin. Cuttlefish can be found around the world but not near North america or South america.

Body Power

The cuttlefish changes shape, sixe, color, and pattern at will. But how? Skin cells. In layers of yellow, red and brown. Pigment cells are attached to muscels and the muscels can pull the pigment cell out into a little disk of color and when the muscels let go it just, "Boink" disapears really fast. Scientists call it electric skin because it is really quick. A bottom layer of skin cells reflect light to produce blue, green, and pink. At a white base, and the cuttlefish pallet is complete.

A cuttlefish that dwells in indonesia really shows you its "Electric" skin with a dazzeling show that stuns its prey. The braudclub cuttlefish glows on and off to stun the prey and then, dinner. But how? The electric skin is very powerful and uses mostly reflecting cells when pulling this off. This is a very cool cuttle fish. Another cuttle fish uses electric skin for somthing completly different. For a start, it walks on the sea floor. and it is pitch black until somthing gets close. It flashes bright colors. Scientists recently found out it is poisones. The flamboyant cuttlefish is the first spiecies of cuttlefish known to be poisones.

Brain Power

The cuttlefish's amaxing brain power lets it use the environment to find its way. It uses landmarks to find its way. Scientists have tested experiments on cuttle fish. They put a wind up plastic fish into a cuttlefish tank and then a little bit later they dropped a real fish in. The cuttlefish realized the toy didn't taste good but it found out  that the toy resembles food so it tried the the real fish. They soon put a real fish in a jar. Every time the cuttlefish struck the jar, they would drop a real fish in. The cuttlefish would quickly learn this trick and keep hitting the jar. They are quick learners.


Breeding with cuttlefish is the most amazing thing you will see in your life. The males out number the females. The males have an extra special arm full of sperm and it places the packet of sperm with the female. But the smaller males have a different way of breeding. They change their skin pattern to look like a female. It pretends to breed with a larger male and then pretends to lay eggs near a real female. The larger male guards the crossdressing male while it breeds with the female!

Cuttlefish are amazing creatures. Intellegint mollusks that eat crabs. Braudclubs hypnotizing its prey. Who knows. Maybe it can hypnotize its predators as well as its prey, or the flamboyant cuttle fish will walk straight on to the beaches. No one knows. Now your the only one that knows about the cuttlefish in your neiborhood!

Cuttlebone: How each cuttlefish gets its name

Intellegint: having or showing intelligence, especially of a high level.

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