#28DaysofWriting ...Raney style!

Our goal is to write for 28 minutes a day for 28 days, starting Monday, February 2.

Our mission is to re-energize our enjoyment of writing, be creative, and spice up our blogs!

When are we going to find the time in our day to do this?!?

Morning work will be devoted to this writing project for the next 28 days (basically, the month of February), along with some time after specials, for a total of 28 minutes (at least!).  

What better way to start the day than to have some freedom to be creative and wake up our brains with writing?

What can I write about?

Whatever you want!  I want you to ENJOY this writing time, and in order for that to happen what you write about has to be your choice completely.  Maybe you'll reflect about something on your mind lately.  Maybe it's a fun story about a sport you play or an activity you do.  Maybe you can find a theme and write some blog posts about it.  Maybe you'll just want to write some poetry or songs.  It's up to YOU!

Click the button below to get started with a quick survey.

Answer the questions honestly so that Mrs. Raney can have some information to help you make this challenge as fun and worthwhile as possible.

Good luck and HAPPY WRITING!

By the way, Mrs. Raney will be taking the challenge with you!  Let's help keep each other accountable for our 28 minutes daily!  

Image source: http://mkalty.org/writing-quotes-2/