by Mireia bustamante

J.F.K was an amazing person he changed the world every day he inspired the world through big and small

He was born May 29 1917. He lived near Boston,MA He had 8 brothers and sisters.


he studied very well in school studied more and more,right when he became famous he was a 5 star general, went to war,war ended in 1945 got married in 1953 his wife name was jacqueline over the years had three kids one of there kids was born earley and died a few days later.

why is he famous
J.f.k was the 35 president and youngest. he was in war. in 1961 proudley he was elected for president

other interesting facts
one of the days we will never forget that day that J.f.k died November 22 1963.he went to collage at Harvard university. went to war in 1939 in world war 2.

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