Deister Project

Part 2 Paragraph

For part 2 of the graph my partner and I improved upon our original design and created a more complex and artistic graph. The first thing we did was increase the sizes of each graph by increasing the numbers on the equations to make each individual graph stand out more and create a more  pronounced image. Secondly we used desmos and input equations to simulate what our graph would look like and used that to adjust the designs a bit. That is basically all the aesthetic changes we made from our original graph. We also changed the name from "Blossom" to "Beautiful Dragonfly"

Self Reflection Questions

A) We experimented mathematically on our graph in many ways throughout the process of creating this graph. Some of the ways we experimented mathematically were, inputting different numbers on our equations to see how it would change the graph and choosing the best size and length of the graphs to complement the design. We also tried to mesh many different graphs together to try creating a design until we ended up with our finished product.

B) While we were completing this assignment we gained a deeper understanding of polar graphs. By experimenting with the different equations of the graph and putting different graphs together to form an image, we learned the different designs one can make using these graphs. Personally I was struggling with this unit but project helped me understand the concepts and be able to identify and create polar graphs. I feel  like an expert on limacons, roses, and lemniscates.

C) I enjoyed this project very much. It was a very fun learning process. Since we began the project not knowing much about polar graphs we were tentative and unsure of what to do. However after some mathematical experimentation and learning more about polar graphs we were able to produce a design that we were very proud of. Not only was this project enjoyable because we learned so much about polar graphs, but being able to design and create our own images using math equations was a very fun experience.

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