Transportation Project

K. Nelson
The following project is a survey of people in our school, their form of transportation, and the satisfactory level they have with that transportation. The project then transfers into the same students' satisfactory level when i create an improoved form of transportation for them.

This graph shows the type of transportation an individual uses daily, and their satisfaction level. A majority of people ride car, and the individuals that ride bus are less satisfied than those that ride/drive car.

This shows the statistics of the data from the first picture. The average satisfaction level for all modes of transportation is a 7.19.

This graph shows the different individuals and approximately how far they drive on a daily basis. The outlier would be the individual that drives 60 miles each day.

This picture shows all the statistic calculations from the graph above it. The average person from the survey drives/rides about 20.43 miles per day. The box and whisker plot demonstrates the fact that not many people drive up to 60 miles per day, and that's why it appears to be squished in one general area. Most people travel about 10 miles per day, but the minimum is 5 miles!

Issues gathered from the two key pieces of data tell me that although a select few that ride bus, they are terribly unsatisfied. Even if a person rides both car and bus, they still have a low satisfaction level due to the occasional bus ride.

Since the main issue does seem to be the school bus transportation, i would like to mainly focus on that. Below shows the statistic data of the car riders/drivers excluding the bus riders data.

For the individuals that ride bus, i asked questions to figure out why they are so unhappy with the bus ride. The survey concluded that a majority of the students find the seats to be overwhelmingly uncomfortable, it always smells, its too loud and there is no way for them to use the bathroom until they reach their bus stop.

The idea of getting to ride on a charter bus, that has comfortable seating, and a bathroom on board, not to mention it has outlets for people to charge their phones, or computers...rather than riding on a school bus, really increased the individuals' satisfactory levels by a lot!

To kick off the transition from the school bus to the charter bus, students may have to pay of a fee of .50 cents to a $1.00 each time they ride the bus to eventually help pay off the charter buses. Once they are completely paid for, i think its ideal for students to ride cost free, everyday in a charter bus instead of a school bus.

From my survey of how much the students that ride bus love the idea of riding in a charter bus, I think my business should definately market this new transportation idea.

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