Virtual Field Trips & Classroom Connections

Connecting your classroom to another classroom to collaborate on skills such as math problems, a shared literature adventure, or a mystery-based research activity is one effective way to use videoconferencing tools.

Taking your classroom on a virtual field trip to a content provider such a zoo, museum, or historical expert is another way to leverage the power of videoconferencing tools.


Overview of some tools available to make videoconferencing connections

  • Skype
  • Google Hangouts
    (click watch video.  Also see the sections for On Air & Schedule for other Google Hangout options)
  • Zoom
    (This tool is available as a service through ESC Region 11)
  • Videoconferencing System
    (There is probably a system like this at Peaster HS)


Videoconferencing can be a powerful tool.  Always test your technology connections at least 1 day before in preparation of any lesson.  Click here for additional resources from our 4-day summer 123VC course.