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1. 2015. 525600 minutes, 365 days or 52 weeks and it is not a leap year. All these things are true about this year, but are there unique? Will they remind us of the year 2015? And what is it what we want to tell people in twenty years if they ask us: "What did you do in 2015 (or the year when you turned 16)?" Or later if we have children who are the same age we are now? I am pretty sure that we don't want to say: "You know what, what I can say about 2015, it definetly had 525600 minutes."

I think it would be much easier to write about 2014 and the wonderful memories I have from that year which I still try to store in a box so that they will not get lost. But this is the past and I can be lucky that I had this year, so let's try to think about 2015 a year which is already 5 days old and will certainly bring many new experiences.

There are things that I would really like to do in the next twelve month. I would not call it resolutions as many people do. ( I did it too on my "resolutions-card" we wrote on New Years Eve) It is more an idea.

When I go back to Germany in a couple of weeks I go on a field trip with my grade which is skiing in Italy for a week. That is definitely sone thing I'm looking forward to. Over spring break we go skiing again in Switzerland with some friends which is always a lot of fun. I guess it is in July we sail in the Netherlands.  I'll try to get the adult sport sailing license once I'm 16, but I'm not sure if I will have enough time. It would be just great to rent boats alone and not with my parents :-). Before summer break I have to choose my LK's which are the most important subjects for Abitur (the exam at the end of 12th grade).  Then in summer we spent three weeks in France or Spain to surf (also with friends). After this I have to figure out if I want to work as a windsurf teacher for a while, it would be great to get some money, but since we only have six and a half weeks summer break... Besides I was thinking about applying to observe in a hospital for a few weeks. For the first semester of my junior year I'm not quite sure what to do, but we will see.

These are just a couple of things for 2015, for my 2015. Another question is what could happened in the world? Here are a couple of things.

Politically, Lithuania joins the Eurozone and the Eurasian Union is formed. There are many sport events including the Special Olympics World Summer Games in California and the rugby worldcup. If queen Elizabeth stays alive she will be the longest reigning monarch in British history. 70 years ago "Hiroshima" happened and something about medicine: the first self-regulating heart will be used. Besides the New Horizon Mission will reach the Pluto. But the events that will remind us of 2015 are most likely unpredictable events that will happen and nobody plans. And who knows, maybe we get flying cars, hover boards and shoes which tie by themselves.

2. When "Back to the Future" was produced 2015 was 26 years apart, so this will be a prediction for 2041. I don't think we have no streets and flying cars. Maybe there are some "flying cars" but probably not for public use. In my opinion there will be a much bigger difference between poor and rich people. More people will be obese, but the medical system will be better so we can maybe heal cancer, influence and Ebola. Still there are probably more new diseases to worry about and more moral/ethical questions when it comes to medecine because the line between death and life is blurrier. There will be many more people and the majority will live in cities. And maybe there will be some glasses like in "Back to the Future". Technology develops so fast that nobody knows where we at at this point. Maybe we are long over the phone and video game glasses. Another thing which I think is pretty bad, but will probably happen, that we won't have books anymore or libraries or DVDs and video rental stores and what about CDs and records. I'm a little bit worried about the things. And also really bad, perhaps worse, do people know how to write? Are there (card) games(something you can touch)? Do people talk to each other in real life? Do they go outside? What happened to pollution? All these questions and many more I won't write here, simply because it would take to long, will affect us in 2041. When I am 42.

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3 years ago

What a 2015 you have lined up, Hannah! Wonderful adventures -