Orientation at CIS Hangzhou


Wow, what a week.

CIS Hangzhou has been pretty awesome so far. I have met so many new people from orientation, and it was exciting overall. I'll be talking about my favourite day from orientation.

So in my opinion I believe that the exploration of Hangzhou was the funnest activity; I got bond with my knew dorm mates, talk to them, and generally just make some new friends. After all, these guys are going to be with me all year. Exploring Hangzhou was a really great experience in my opinion; visiting many different shops, learning about the local culture, and the best of all meeting all my new teachers!

We had the opportunity to talk and bond with them; play activities and just have a great time overall. As a new student at CIS, I feel that these introductory activities had left a great impression of CIS on me showing how forthcoming the students and teachers were.

I feel that overall this activity had given me confidence to reach out to my new classmates and make friends.

Orientation overall was a great experience for me and all the activities were so awesome.

Thanks CIS for the great first week :)

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