Social networking tips for teens

There are lots of people out there. Be safe. Your online friend isn't like your friend since kindergarden. A friend on the internet could be a friend or a hacker.
Your personal information is for you not the whole world. You think that that the picture that you deleted is gone but it will always be there. 

  • only post pictures that you wouldn’t mind anyone seeing
  • don’t post inappropriate pictures
  • be aware of who is able to see your information/pictures
  • don’t give out too much information, there are hackers

Know the risks kids face

Scams and common threats are everywhere online. Kids face losing friends they thought they had on text message, chat rooms and other social media networks. It's very easy for a bully to make someone fell bad them selfe. A lot of kids face thinking about souicide because of online messaging that can sometimes continue in and/or out of school.

  • cyber bullying
  • chat room
  • messaging
  • online social media

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