Brighton Beach Memoirs

The Great Depression

During the great depression in (1929-39) America had a crash in its economy. The Country banks had failed. Many people had become poor and homeless. other country 's had gone to the same thing because of America's failed economy.The economy had not got to its feet until they were put in world war 2. then America industry was in high gear.

Colleges in the 1930's

Tuition was 250 Room and Broad

gas was ten cents in 1930's

pork and beans was 5 cents in the 1930's

a cost for a new car was 600 dollars

cost of a new house was 3,000 dollars

Stan's Apology Letter

Mr.Stroheim , I am sorry that i back up the other employer. Even if it wasn't none of my business. I am also sorry for kicking dirt on your shoe's. I need this job really bad because i have a family to support.

My whole family depends on the money you give because my father does not get a really big income as you should know. I help pay for the apartments,food and water. So i deeply apologies for my action.

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