The history of a viola by: Brayden Burton

They history of the viola is an outstanding story it all starts when it was made in the 1500s by Andrea Andrea and gasparoda Salo.


A viola has over 20 different notes. There is a lot of parts there is an F hole, the bridge, the scroll, the neck and the strings the strings have 4 open notes and they are A, D, G, and C some of the viola players have cloth on their shoulders and chins because their chins and necks get hurt, some of the players are good at vambrodo.

Players at work

Players ether use piticoto or arco the arco is hard to make a rich sound but if you do it sounds great piticoto is rings more if you have the fingers in the right spot it is great

word box

pizzicato means plucking. vambrodo means ring or vibrate. arco means bowing