Japan And Its People

Example Of More outer land living. Usually very peaceful.

Living Conditions

Living spaces near the city are very cramped many people live in urban apartments. But in rural places they are very spaced out and have room for gardens as you can see above. The rural homes are usually white with tile flooring. Most older homes usually are very open with eye catching sun rooms (Embassy of Japan, 2520 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington)

Places To Visit

There are many different places to visit in Japan, for art, food, and many other exciting things there is something for everyone here. But if you are ever visiting in August you can catch one of the biggest festivals there. The Obon Festival for several days in mid August. Obon festival is very similar to the day of the dead. Family's gather and and pay respects to the dead with a celebration.

Government Structure

Japan's government is a constructional monarchy. Emperor Akihito is the head of the state but has no power. The prime minister is actually the head of the government. There have been talk of a woman being next in power because the decrease in male leaders. The Japanese legislature called a diet has 242 house of council (upper house) and the lower house consist of 480 seats of representatives.

Negatives and Stereotypes

I know what your thinking Japan there will be able to beat you up because they know some type of martial arts. Not that this is a bad stereotype to have in my opinion it is a stereotype non the less. Many people believe people are Japan have mostly positive stereotypes, There smart,good at math, and know martial arts. But how the people of Japan are portrayed in America the completely blown up version of it is there thick barley understandably accents. But one thing is true no one is very social in this country its very rare when a stranger will start conversation. No matter how odd the situation people will keep to them self.


The religion there mostly consist of Buddhism and Shinto. Surprisingly Shinto has no real origin. The most known fact about this religion is that it comes from mythology. It test a person relationship with nature and the regions many gods. Even there empresses are refereed to as literal sun goddess. The really interesting part about this relgion is that they follow the code of the worrier which focuses on Courage, Politness, and honor.

Weather/Landscape of the land

Japans land mostly is mountains surrounded by cites that outline the cost. There are actually are many volcano lucky they are all dormant. There most well known volcano is Mt. Fuji This sleeping giant stands at 12,388 ft even though this may be dormant the volcano causes many common earthquakes. The seasons are just as you expect winter is bitter cold and the summer is humid and warm. But if you wanna get a tan i suggest you plan carefully

Mt. Fuji towering over the cities

Cleaner Then You Think

One of the biggest things in Japan surprisingly is cleanliness so no worries of getting of type of cold soon. Japan has a very low infant death rate and a very high life expectancy. Thats literally all. They are leterally very big germ freaks.

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