Edward Guerin

Edward Guerin Is An Assistant Coach of Men's Lacrosse Team

Edward Guerin is an assistant coach of men's Lacrosse team at the Lenoir Rhyne University, where he trains young boys in the sport. As a coach, he is responsible for coaching the offensive plays, managing the substitution box, conditioning workouts, facilitating agility drills, and leading the midfielders and attack-man through dodging, shooting, and other schemes. Besides these, he performs several other responsibilities like – recruiting athletically and academically qualified student-athletes, academic advising, game planning, practice planning, travel planning, and more.

Being an experienced Lacrosse coach, Edward Guerin is able to quickly figure out areas of improvement in a player. However, while pointing out their mistakes, he always makes sure that his words do not demotivate them. His ability of providing even negative feedback in a positive way is what makes him the favorite of young boys he trains. Edward loves his job and finds it extremely rewarding to coach young talent and bring out the best in them,

Prior to working as Men's assistant coach at the Lenoir Rhyne University, Guerin worked here as a camp counselor from June 2011 to July 2013. Before this, he was an assistant coach at Palm Beach Storm, Florida, where he trained players in under 13 and under 19 teams for three years. His professional experience also includes working as a counselor at Xcelerate Lacrosse Camp and H3 Lacrosse Camp. Working at different designations provided Edward the experience and exposure he needed for successfully fulfilling his responsibilities as a coach.

Edward Guerin comes from a close-knit family. In spite of having a hectic schedule, he always makes sure to visit his parents, who reside in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He also likes to spend his spare time by playing with his dog – Liberty, working out, fishing, and riding motorcycles.