Comparing The Cell To My Family

The 11 functions of the cell are similar to the way my family runs.

The nucleus is like my grandma because she keeps my dad's side of the family in order and running. Like, she'll control what we do, so we don't do anything we're not supposed to, and she's the reason most everyone that comes is there, so she contains lots of our DNA in her.

The chloroplast is like my mom because she supplies the food for family greets and things. She'll go to the store a couple of hours before we go over and buy what we need and then go over to the house its at and help cook the food with the ladies of the family.

Cytoplasm is like my dad because he keeps the family together at family gatherings.

My uncle Lee is like the nuclear membrane because he takes care of my grandma.

My uncle Billy is like the cell membrane because he makes sure that only family and close friends of the family can come to the greetings.

My cousin Brianna is also the cell wall because she keeps us together.

My aunt Kim is like the vacuole because she provides storage for the food and people at the family reunions.

My aunt Jeri is like the golgi bodies because she makes some of the food and takes it over to the reunion.

My aunt Susan is like the ribosomes because she helps my mom make the food which gives us protein.

Me and my sisters are like the ER because we pass out the foods to the family members.

My cousin Hayden is like the mitochondria because before we pass out the food, he cuts it. He also eats a lot of it so he gets a lot of energy. He also helps me and my sisters pass out stuff so he also releases the energy, like the mitochondria does for the cell.