brighton beach memoirs


The Great Depression was the most severe depression in American history starting in 1929 and ending in 1939. The economy during these years was

new york university

I believe that Eaugene should attend New York University.

stan's apology letter

Dear Mr.Stroheim,

     I am writing this apology letter in concerns to my unacceptable actions a few days ago. I understand that what i did was wrong of me. All i was trying to do was defend Andrew. After all, it wasn't his fault the hats got covered in oil.

    I thought it wasn't fair for you to take away from his salary to pay for something he didn't do. So i had to stand up for him. At the time i wasn't thinking about the consequences of my actions. I know better than that. After all, i am one of your best workers. And i still want to be one of your workers. I love working with you and I wouldn't trade this job for any other job. You're one of the best bosses out there and i am terribly sorry for my disrespectful actions toward you.

  I really need this job not only for me, but for my family. My family is going through a tough time right now. My father lost his job and i must help support my family. Please sir, put yourself in my position. i guarantee you if you give me my job back i will never do anything like this again. Please,please,please, please take this into consideration and rehire me.



broadway show
the phantom of the opera

The Phantom of the Opera was brought to broadway in 1924. Tickets for this show range from 26.50 to 141.50 depending if you prefer to see the show up close or far back.This haunting love story is shown worldwide and has been translated in 13 different languages. It holds a record in the Guiness book of world records for being the longest ongoing show beating the show "Cats".It is estimated that 140 million people around the world have seen this show. 

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