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Ground breaking psychologist:
b. f. Skinner

Who is he?

          B. F. (Burrhus Fredric) Skinner, psychologist, founder of behavorism, creator of Skinner's box.  Born in Susquhanna, Pennsylvania 1904, Skinner grew up in the era of new innventions... inventions including cars and the telephone.  By the time he graduated college (including a doctorate from Harvard), America had entered the roaring twenties.  Living in the twenties, the thirties and the forties gave Skinner evidence to support his theory of Behavorism.  The lights and the glamour of the twenties and the people who fell into it's trap; the desolute lifestyle many suffered in the thirties; and the forties bringing about the patriotism and spirit of America.  Each decade, both those I've mentioned and more, changing and Skinner witnessing those changes, both in society and in it's individual people.  As the economy changed and the environment changed, behavorialsit observed these changes and took note of how they effected people.

What did he do for behavorism?

B. F. Skinner is best known for his invention of Skinner's box, or as he called it an operant conditioning apparatus.  The idea of this "apparatus" was to train a human or an animal into doing a specific action.  The idea of his box was that when the rat placed inside pressed a lever, food comes out.  This reward becomes an insentive for the rat to continue this behavior.  His findings helped with his proving of behavorism.

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