Cosmopolitan Clinic - Premiere Zeltiq Cool Sculpting Clinic in Singapore

If you desire to look slim and healthy but do not have the time to stress it out in the gym, then you should consider taking the latest beauty treatment available. You can take a surgical liposuction but that treatment can leave scars or marks. If you are the type who does not like to have stretch marks in your skin, then you should consider non-abrasive treatments.

Non-abrasive procedures are offered by Cosmopolitan Clinic Singapore, one of the leading aesthetic centers in Singapore. The clinic is located in Boat Quay, Raffles Place, considered to be the Central Business District in Singapore. Cosmopolitan Clinic Singapore offers many treatments for its clients.

Skin problems like acne, scars, birthmarks, moles and wrinkles can be treated. The clinic also offers tattoo removals, hair and fat loss. The clinic is known for non-abrasive treatments like Dermal Fillers, SpectraPeel, Thermage, CO2 Laser, Ulthera and Trilipo Maximus. One of the most popular treatments in Cosmopolitan Clinic Singapor is Zeltiq Cool Sculpting.

The popular Zeltiq Cool Sculpting is a novel procedure that eliminates fat cells by using cryolypolisis. In the said treatment, fat cells are freezed without harming the healthy skin over it. The zapped fat is naturally expelled from the body. The cleansing process can take months but results are guaranteed. You will just have to follow the doctor's prescription. Multiple sessions are advised. Proper diet and exercise is encouraged alongside monthly treatments to attain the best results.

The treatment offers little to no risks from laser to patients. It is also non-abrasive so you will not have to worry about scars or wounds. If you have muffin tops or back fats, then getting the Zeltiq Cool Sculpting treatment will be good for you.

Cosmopolitan Clinic Singapore also offers SpectraPeel, a non-invasive body fat reduction treatment which helps address many skincare issues. Thermage is an FDA-approved treatment that uses radio frequency to tighten and lift skin on the face. CO2 Laser is used to remove skin growth. Ulthera, another non-surgical procedure, uses ultrasound to lift saggy skin. Trilipo Maximus uses Trilipo technology to localize and eliminate body fat. These treatments are also the most up-to-date services. Cosmopolitan Clinic Singapore offers the best and most safe procedures for its clients.

These treatments are offered to Singaporean clients and patients. These treatments guarantee quick solutions to skin problems. However, multiple procedures are advised for the patient to get the best results.

If you plan to have a better skin, then you should consider going to Cosmopolitan Clinic Singapore. This will let you have the most optimum appearance at the quickest way possible. You can know more by visiting its website: It can be reached at 6327 3773.

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