Hurricane Sandy

        By: Nikheil Patel

January 11, 2013 - The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) estimates that Sandy caused $5 billion dollars in losses: $4.75 billion in infrastructure damage and a further $246 million in lost revenue and increased operating costs.

The people had to evacuate about 3 days before the hurricane hit around 4:00pm. The death toll of this massacre was about 50 people that died. Most homes along the East side of the US do not have power currently, this is about roughly 7.9 million people and business to.

This is just a little portion of the damage that this hurricane did. About 200,000 houses were destroyed in the hurricane. The boats were piled on each other and mostly all of the boats were destroyed and cost the boat owners a lot of $$$$$$.

This is some of the things that happened to one part of the east coast. When Hurricane Sandy hit is made everything flooded with water and tore many things apart. In the picture one of the houses was on land at the time then after Sandy it is currently in the ocean seaboard.

After Hurricane Sandy hit the coast a couple of days later the people of the cites came to these food organizations to get food and supplies for the remainder families left. This is a photo of the lines to receive food. It was kayos, the people were pushing and shoving to receive a bag of food. The people needed food,water,shelter. Some of the building that survived the hurricane let people come in and stay there. For example a rec:center.

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