The wonders of corline

Emma fisher

Once upon a there was a little girl... "Yeah we now how it gose.... they just end up the same thing every time. still Same ending it's always ends haply ever after Anyways my name is corline right know I am just writing... We'll to you.anyways let's forget this and let's move on to the story".

"Does any one else have those lazy days? We'll i do ... A lot. So I guess I had to get up from such a great dream soo I roll out of bed. and right when I got down stairs my mom ask me get Grocerys". So as usually i went to get Grocerys. As I was walking I saw a mystery it was like a shadow so I follow it as I walk around the cornner my heart pounding like a drum.... As i creep a look... it was a trash can. just when I turn around I scream I fell down as I look around there was nothing there. Then that's when I heard a strange sound so I turn around as frighten,as I could be. It was the most scariest and almost a cute creature I seen it was growing at me to. It had fur and four legs. We'll let play a games a guessing game. So you need to guess the creature good luck. can you guess what it is yet. We'll take your time to think about it..... it was a dog

so as usually I scream. " stupid dog " I said while walking away. Soo right when I got to the store I herd a bark. It was that same dog. Right about then you would think its stocking you. So I decide I was going to scared the dog.when I was going to yell at the dog I herd my moms voice. Coming I said. She told to get in the back seat As I wine while getting into the car clawing to the back seat I saw that same dog look at me.

After we got the Grocerys we went home. Right when I got out of the car I herd the same bark again I swear that dog has been following me this whole time I told my mom As my mom saw the dog she said that I could have him no thanks I said so my mom said fine then I will. as I roll my eyes at my mom the dog jump on me I try to pry him off! so I couldn't get the dog off so there I was standing with a German shepherd on my back so I just went inside while my mom is laughing up a storm. so I decided to get a snack right then the dog jump off my back and snatch the sandwich out of my hands so I figure it was a grate time to name so I name him " I will call you snatcher "

so I decided to go into town and go look at the antic store as usual the dog follow me. As walking with snatcher. Snatcher stared bolting as I ran after him he led me to a back of a store where their was a trap door so after a long thought I deiced to do the right thing and open it! As I went down the stairs with snatcher leading the way once we got done going down the long stairs snatcher grab my shirt and led me to a whole snatcher started darting into the whole so I follow him once I got out of clawing from the whole snatcher ran through a water fall so I ran though it yelling snatcher! But something wired happen once I got to the other side of the waterfall I saw snatcher as I ran to snatcher I saw this magical world. To be continue

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