Seventh Grade Year- Through Pictures and Words
By: Anna Ortner

Top Ten Moments:

1. Camp:

Camp was my favorite part of this school year. It was my favorite because it created so many good memories, and I had so much fun. We participated in many games and activities, as well as some of our own including whining, complaining, and asking tons of questions. The picture below is of me and my best friend, Isabel, fishing. This is after getting the practice hook stuck in the tree twice.

2. The First Snow day:

This was my second favorite thing this year because I love waking up to the phone ringing and my parents yelling for me to go back to bed- which I never do. The reason that not all snow days fall into this category is because we had to do blizzard bags (insert barfing emoticon here) for some of them. This is a very delicious cup of peppermint hot chocolate from that first snow day.

3. The Formal Dance:

I really enjoyed prepping for the formal, and the idea of it, but the dance itself was incredibly boring. It was just heart balloons, some streamers, a DJ, and our gym with a tarp on the floor. I also don't dance unless I have some motivation, or I am goofing around. This is a picture of Isabel and I before we left for the dance. I don't really know if you can see, but Isabel picked out my earrings- one is a carrot, and the other a bunny.

4. Dinner- Homemade of course:

This year we made a ton of meals. Breakfast and lunch aren't worth commenting on, because we essentially had the same thing each day. Dinner was almost always special. From homemade pizza to vegetarian chili to homemade vegetarian sushi. Everything was vegetarian or vegan, but it was amazing either way. The two pictures below are of my perfect homemade pizza- sauce and crust were both homemade- and the veggie sushi, one piece of each person's roll. We also made homemade Indian and Chinese and Thai and American food. Sadly, most of it gets eaten before I can take a picture. My dad's sushi is the one with way too much rice, my mom's the one that looks like a face, and the other two mine and my sister's.

5. Science Olympiad (SO):

This year I won seventh and eighth place in Bridges for SO. I also got seventh place in Potions and Poisons at states. Though I only got two ribbons, I know how much I affected our team. Here are a few pictures of us at SO tournaments. The last picture is from pi day, when we ate pie at exactly the right time.

6. Winter Break:

Each winter break, my family goes to a holiday party at one of my mom's sibling's houses. This year it was at my uncle's. Most years, since my little cousins turned about 3, I have spent most of the party watching them in the basement. This has not always been the most fun, but they are so cute that it isn't so bad. Shortly after this party, we went to my grandmother's house in Savannah, Georgia. Sadly, I do not have any pictures from this. Anyway, we always go to the River Street Sweets candy store, and get lots of salt water taffy and peanut brittle. We also get ice cream there sometimes. The pictures below are of my two little cousins at our family party. The boy is Max, and the girl is Sadie.

7. Color Run:

I did not participate in the color run, but I still found it very fun. It was super cold that day, and we were right next to the lake, so it was even worse. At least it was sunny. My sister and mother participated, and the shirts they received are still colored. At the end, each person got a packet of color. My sister, mother, and some family friends threw the color all over each other, and some landed on my jacket. There are still purple streaks on it. The picture below is right after the race, and you can see the color covered people in the back. This is before we went to Starbucks.

8. Medieval Knight:

This was incredibly amusing. Mr. Barr said that it was a tunic, not a dress, but the picture below clearly shows that it is a dress. This was funny because of both Mr. Barr wearing a dress and the fact that we go to see him getting beat up. The other picture is of him fighting.

9. Spring Break:

Over spring break, my mother, sister, and I went to Washington, DC. It was really, really fun. We went on a night tour of the monuments, and I would have loved to share pictures, but it was freezing that night, so I didn't bring my camera. We went to the natural history museum, american history museum, american indian museum, botanical garden, union station, and many other places. Here is a quick slide show of pictures from our trip and also a picture of one of our meals.

10. Helping In The Special Education Class:

I don't have any pictures from this class that I took, but here are a few of me by one of the teachers. This class was super fun to work in, and you can see more about it under my A la Carte, but it was one of my favorite things about the seventh grade. If you want to see even more pictures from this class, you can go to Mrs. Schweickert's website by looking under any of the grade tabs.

Top HELA Moments

The Awareness Test

In the first week of school, Mr. Kowalski was teaching us to be aware of our surroundings, and notice things that you wouldn't usually notice. We were also taught to use incredibly detailed evidence.  The video below is the awareness test video that we watched on our very first day in Kowal's Lair.

Hero Unit

I really enjoyed this unit. It became very, very boring at parts, but I learned a ton. Will Power was an especially powerful part of this unit. It taught me that some people are achievers, even with all of their challenges. This also taught me that everyone was special and could accomplish what they wanted. Will was held up by his team mates, but pushed down by the other teams and competitors. Here is the Will Power video and the Hero's Journey video.

Chuzzlewit's Adventure

I loved this. It was cool because we got to do all of these teamwork activities. Some of them included going through a series of three boxes that go smaller in different patterns, playing scrabble with words that directly relate to Anthem, and building a lego train. The lego train was somehow the hardest because the pieces kept falling on the ground and the instruction manual was not super detailed.

Radio Dramas

Radio dramas were super fun. We had to create a plot that could be semi realistic, and create a bit of a story about it. Annika, Zoƫ, and I created our story about another planet that had been found, and it had proper living conditions for people. America found the planet, so they wanted it but Russia thought they ought to have it. WWIII started over this. The audio below is our radio drama. In case the audio doesn't work, below that is the script.



I had Mrs. Burton, so I really don't know how to do well in Mr. Klim's class. For Mrs. Burton's class, you will most definitely be able to survive her class easily. Just make sure that you study and do your homework. The projects are fun, but there aren't a ton of them. My favorite parts of science were the junkbox  challenges and creating my planet. For a junkbox challenge, you are given a list of materials that you need to bring in. You are divided into groups of four, and my group was always me, Isabel, Imanol, and Andrew. The junkbox challenges are super easy and really fun. For creating your own planet, you can work alone or with someone else. I worked with Isabel, and our planet was called Bibbly Boop. It is very original, because it has orange bushes, blue trees, purple grass, and Teetas, which are like rabid rabbits with a triangle face and a dog like tail. They also have fangs. Here is a picture of our planet as a human would see it when walking around. There is a Teeta in the largest tree.

Social Studies

I had Mr. Barr. He is an awesome teacher, but he likes to tease us. Like in Social Studies, I am apparently married to Max Fromson, and we have kids. Also if you don't do your homework, he will make you feel bad about it. We didn't do many projects, and the two that we did I don't have pictures of. There  is also Medieval Knight. That was pretty cool, and I have pictures from it under my "Top Ten". Here is my favorite of the two.

Highlights of Camp

Camp was pretty awesome. I loved the challenge course, and even though I only made it two steps up the rock wall, I still tried. In case you were wondering, even though I think I already said this, I am petrified of heights and freaked out about getting up too high and falling. I also had a lot of fun during free time, but don't be like me- do your journal before the second last day. Always remember that a procrastinator is essentially a procrapinatior, this mean that procrastination is crap. This will also help with Language Arts. Camp was all in all pretty fun, and with fishing remember to stay away from the trees. Some top moments included the rock wall, arts and crafts, skit night, and the river walk.

A la Carte


Lunch is only about 15-18 minutes by the time you get down there. I recommend bringing a lunch, because the lunch line makes the eating portion much shorter. Also, I know that you won't get much time to talk during the school day, but don't talk at lunch if you plan on finishing.

Study Hall:

This probably won't be around when you read this, but here is some advise. DO NOT TALK AT ALL WHATEVER YOU DO. Mrs. Waldman will give you lunch detention if you do. That means you have to eat lunch in study hall, which is absolute pain and torture. Also bring work to do, because if you don't, she will make you copy the rules and regulations of study hall five times. Also if you can, visit Mrs. Schweickert and see if you can help in her class.

Mrs. Schweickert's Class:

This is the class that learns by doing. I really enjoyed helping in here because I both got out of study hall, and had some great experiences. To help in her class, make sure to contact her and the guidance office, if necessary. This class is like an escape because you get to help the other kids and they are all so sweet. Mrs. Wagner and Mrs. Schweickert are also pretty awesome.

A Precept For The New Youngins

If you don't do your homework you will get bad grades.

Just kidding. That wasn't my legitimate precept.

Here it is:

There is no such thing as failure- there is only such a thing as not trying your best.

And here is another for good luck:

Possible only becomes impossible when you tell yourself that is (impossible).

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