That Most Popular Guy

I was just at the school when I received a message on my cell phone: my friend was very upset because, one more time, a guy just wanted to have fun… That message made me reflect about this scenery.
If you access apps such as Grindr or Tinder, you probably will be attracted by the hottest photos, regardless of who is on the other side. That is natural, but not completely rational! Of course, everyone wants to know interesting and beautiful people, but aren’t people usually saying that they want to find “someone special”?
When people say that they just want to “have fun,” they actually mean “we didn’t find anyone special.” It is funny how most of people run behind that guy who is handsome, usually stupid and snob, while perhaps there is one right beside them who is pretty cool, but he is not on Grindr, so he is invisible for them.
Normally, the popular guy on Grindr (or another web place) has some good pictures, perhaps he knows how to be polite and kind for a moment; however, he always knows that he can have anyone easily. Therefore, he can give you a piece of hope, replying your messages or even making a date, until he finds someone “better” than you, and consequently, makes your world crumble as you had been just a hobby or toy that is not fun anymore or like McDonalds: Can I help next?