RCA'S Summary

By: Emiliano Flores

RCA one was about the history of the rocket for instance in the old days we didn't use it for space. We used rockets for entertainment (fireworks) to weapons (arrows powered by powder) Throughout the RCA it was explain how it was used and what it was for.

Then in RCA two it also talked about the history of the rockets but also it started talking about creating my rocket. It was starting to put it on and constructing it. Also to be careful with the equipment.

Then in RCA three it was more of constructing the rocket than on the history of it, it was over the preparing the tail and the body of the rocket, and started using more of the equipment.

RCA four was about the mechanics and good procedure to glue the bottle rocket and the fin. It was explaining how to properly glue the bottle with the fin. So it was showing us the function of the fin too. It was teaching us the proper care and why it was important to do it property and glue well.

Then RCA five was the cone. We had to attach the cone to the bottom of the tube that would act sort of like the body of the rocket (bottle) It was teaching us how to attach it. Also it then explained to us why it is so important to have a cone. It was saying that it is used to block some of the wind so it can go higher and faster.

RCA six was then adding the bottle to the rocket and also why it is so important. It was saying it would act as a cone of the rocket and also block the air from the rocket. It also stabilizes the rocket in flight.

At the end of RCA 7 was telling me about the flight in progress. It was teaching us a proper flight and safety. It was saying how safety it is on the flight. It was telling us how it should be very important that we stay 50 feet away from the rocket and let the teacher do its job. So it was saying all the good things on flight and how it is important to be safe and all the things we should follow.

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