Visual Poetry Assignment

Each student will express themselves through creating an original visual poem.  The student will make the poem into a form of artistic expression. The poem will be created in a visual way to add meaning and mood to the poem's desired meaning.  When making these poems, think about if your visual will contain art, use the words to display more meaning, or if you think a visual and audio component would push the meaning of the poem in the desired way. These Poems will be made in three steps.

1) student will write a poems about a time that they felt either happiness, sadness, or anger.---each poem must include 2 similes/2 metaphor, 1 personification, and 3 all iterations.

2) student will create a rough draft of the poem in its visual format (sketched).

3) student will create their final poem which can be created on paper (with a photo for online viewing), creating a video, or solely created on your iPod. The poem will be turned in on a page with music and a 1 paragraph (5 sentence minimum) artist note explaining your choices as a poet and an artist.

Video on Visual Poetry

Use this video to get background on visual poetry and some ideas of what you can do to make your poem a visual expression.

Vocabulary you will need to know:

juxtaposition-- act or instance of placing close together or side by side,especially for comparison or contrast.

2.the state of being close together or side by side.

Use these to help guide and inspire your visual poem.

Using the form of your displayed words as an artistic expression.
Creating a visual to support your poem's meaning and tone.

Now Try to Create Your Own Poem!

Songs to Help Inspire tone:


1) Happy- Pharrel William
2) Smiley Faces- Gnarles Barkley


1)All By Myself- Celine Dion
2) Both Sides Now- Joni Mitchell
3) Lightning Crashes- Live

1) The Way I am- Eminem

2) Dead Bodies Everywhere- Korn

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