Koryo Dynasty (935-1392)

The government in the Koryo dynasty was very strict for who could be apart of the government. All of the government positions were inherited. If any positions were given to someone that didn't inherit the position, they would have to pass a test. It was hard to become apart of the government though because to be able to take the test, you had to be noble.


This website is very helpful because it tells about how celadon was extremely important to the Koryo dynasty. Celadon was the majority of ceramics that was produced on the Korean peninsula. The first paragraph describes was celadon is and the origin of the word. The most useful information on the page, is the second and third paragraphs because it tells how the celadon was related to the Koryo dynasty and why it is important to them.

This video is great resource that helps further the understanding of the Koryo Dynasty. It describes some of the achievements that the dynasty had, and also talks about how trade was very influential. It also tells about the fall of the Koryo dynasty during battle.  

This is an example of the Koryo dynasty ceramics and pottery.