by Aiden McDonald

How It Works

Hydroelectricity works by a dam releasing water and some of it pushing a turbine creating electricity which is used to power homes and other buildings in the area.


The dam will stop fish migration in that river and they could be killed by the turbine. it will also stop water from getting to farms.

Correcting the mistakes

This fish ladder helps the fish get from one side of the dam to the other easily so they can migrate.


The power line will carry the electricity to other homes like a fossil fuel power line would carry electricity but the the one from the dam is cleaner and more efficent. Since water will never run out we can use hydroelectricity forever. Water is a clean resource so it cannot pollute anything when it is released into the river again.


I believe that hydropower is the best and most efficent way for our future to create electricity without to many consequences. Hydropower is the best energy source we can use without causing pollution and harming the environment around it. This is the best alternative resource to replace fossil fuels in the future and i suggest we use it as the main power source for our future.