Welcome to Constantinople!

By: Logan Fortner

This is the house for you! Has a nice outside and inside for you and your whole family!

Constantinople is great and is the new style.

Constantinople on Map

City Geography

Constantinople is a good and safe city to live in. Constantinople has two perfect trading routes connecting to it from east to west. It was also safe because it was located on three sides of water and on the forth side was mountains that had protected them from any barbarian attacks. Constantinople is a very well protected city.

Constantinople's Government


There are many ways how the Byzantines government had influenced our government. The empire has a republic which is a form of government that have the people elect who would become the representatives to rule in the countries name. We had also followed them with natural law.  Justinian's Code affected the government. This code extended women's property rights!

Constantinople Religion


The two topics of religion and government were highly linked together, the church and the state had united into one. The government and religion had united. Two church's in Constantinople are the Eastern Orthodox and the Catholic Church. These two churches had many conflicts and separated apart. Religion united people in a common belief. The Byzantines had also viewed their emperor as the living representative of God and Jesus Christ.

Daily Life in Constantinople

Daily Life

         Constantinople is the center of the trading hub.  Daily life in Constantinople is great. It was more advanced then in the Western Europe area. When traders come to town you can hear them talking in many different languages. Many people from the empire had lived in poverty , but the emperor was generous enough that he had provided them food for little tasks.

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