Sentry- Bruh, don't be mad cause I almost didn't even tell you. I could have went back I felt like it, but I was thinking it would be worse if someone else got the information to you,you feel me? So I was like Ight. I gotta tell you what happened, they say what ever is gonna happen is gonna happen.

Creon: bro what are yout alking about.

Sentry: I did not see who did it I didn't do it so you can kiss u trying to punish me good-bye.

Creon: If knew the purpose I would tell you but I don't.

Sentry: I have to tell you something but I am sacred.

Creon: come on bro

Sentry: aye man somebody buried homie polyneices and dipped

Creon: and the fool who did this?
Sentry: I don't even know. U believe me dogg
That ground was hot son, nobody was even there. Then the corporal was like look at that bruh. Then we saw that whoever caught that body sprinkled the body with that dust. We didn't even find any sign of them savage beasts or animals. Then outta nowhere these gangsta's was like u did it and I was like naw bruh it wasn't meee. We ain't do it tho. We ready to ride or die tho to prove it. We was shootin' some dice and I lost so now I'm here telling you what happened.
Choragos: Can it be that the gods have done this?
Creon: Stop!
Are you idiots out of your minds? "The gods"
pThe gods do not favor this person who has looted their temples and burned their images.




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2 years ago

A good start but it's not complete. Also, we should still see that Creon is the king - he and the sentry are not at the same level, class wise.