What to do while travelling around Labuan Bajo by Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours

What to do while travelling around Labuan Bajo by Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours

One of Indonesia's on the rise tourism hot spots aside from Jakarta and Bali is Labuan Bajo.

Just off the coast of Labuan Bajo is where the islands of Komodo and Rinca lie and are the sole places in the world where you can see these awesome creatures in their natural habitat. There are friendly guides speaking fluent English who will help you book a Komodo sightseeing day trip. You will also experience little trekking on both islands, so be sure to wear appropriate footwear, and be ready to hear a lot of scary stories about dragon-associated deaths. But no worries, as you don’t have to get too close.

Some Komodo dragon tours will include a snorkelling stop by in any of the many Ha Long Bay-like islands that surround the Flores mainland but you can book a separate all-day outing. The water is warm here and there are ample fish you can enjoy watching. You can also organize a special manta-ray snorkelling tour.

The perfect dive sites along the coast of Labuan Bajo stay off the beaten track. Diving companies line Labuan Bajo’s beachfront road and offer single or multiple-day trips. You will be able to spot fish of all sizes and colours, and if you’re lucky, perhaps even some sea turtles, cuttlefish, whales or manta rays in the crystal clear waters. Stroll along the seafront and just have fun all you want.

It’s also possible to organize a two-day/one-night, all-inclusive trek to the 1239m summit of mount Mbeliling. The trekking starts in the village of roe, a small, traditional town which lies about an hour out of Labuan Bajo. Your tour operator will offer transportation to the village and your guides will organize local food and give out water for the hike. Make sure your route takes in the spectacular Cunca Rami waterfall!

Batu Cermin is a cave formation situated four kilometers out of Labuan Bajo. During mornings, if it’s full of water, sunlight shines deep into the cave creating a spectacular mirror effect that rebounds off the cave walls. Take an ojek, motorbike taxi, up to the cave. Allow the guides find you and get ready for some seriously giant bat-eating spiders.

A type of South-East Asian bat, Kalongs fly in their thousands each evening off the beach of Kalong. Witness the bats flock in breathtaking displays at sunset after a good old snorkelling session.

One of Labuan Bajo’s major surprises is its remarkable and cheap variety of international cuisine. A lot of restaurants here are owned and run by European chefs and can be found located in the town’s tiny center. Have a drink at the paradise bar & restaurant and enjoy an amazing sunset view. Try out the Mediterraneo or Madeinitaly for an outstanding meal. It is also a must try, a short walk down to the town’s ocean-side market and there are many cheap, local cuisine that has fresh seafood, Martabak pancakes and fried noodles and much more on their menu.

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