Coastal Plain's Algonquian Tribe
By Grace and Maddie

The Algonquian Tribe didn't have surfboards, radios, cars, lifeguards, hotels, supermarkets, sailboats, or play like we do today. They only had you, your family, and the nature around you.

Food for a Living

When you are hungry you can catch fish, shoot deer, cook your dogs, and pick berries. In hunting, you have to be quiet and get as much human-smell off of you as possible. They catch enough fish to feed a entire village. Turkeys are classified as big game. Big game means lots of food and small game means just a small amount of food.

Uses for the Tribe :)

Corn was used for bread, soap, ash cakes, and food for a trail. Every animal was used for something. The homes were made of wood, mud, and reeds.

How the Algonquian Tribe was Stylish :)

In the Algonquian Tribe, they wanted to be stylish with their footwear so they used porcupine quills to flatten their shoes. They  thought that people should look good in certain times.

For a living

They had games, stories, songs, and so much more! When they got married they did not have a ceremony. They believed that God put the animals there for them. When they meet new people, they were more practiced than anyone else. They knew exactly what to do when they fought.

Thank You!

Those are all of the things that we think are important in the Native American, Coastal Plains, Algonquian Tribe. They were the people long ago, that lived in the Coastal Plains. They catch food for themselves and learned to survive in the woods, the beach, and the rivers around them. Thank you for reading our Tackk!    -Grace and Maddie:)

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