Peer Revising and Editing for Short Stories

By: Xavier Casserilla and Evan Lawyer

First you need to underline your dialogue, dialogue tags, transitions, descriptive details, and where the main characters change in 5 different colors.

Then you swap stories with a partner and have them read and comment on the story. Have your partner see if there is a conflict (internal/external), climax (when your main character changes), a vivid setting, all the stages of plot ( exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution), if the characters seem real, if the dialogue was natural, and what they did to help visualize the setting and characters in the story.

Positives and Negatives of Peer Revising and Editing

Positives:  You can make your story better and you get a different perspective on  the story.

Negatives: The person you edit with might not give good feedback on your story, they might not want to hurt your feelings so they will only say good things about your story and not things you need to fix like spelling, punctuation, etc.

Final P

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