Henry Hudson

A famous man left behind but never forgotten, by Emily McKenna

Before the Exploring

Henry Hudson was born around 1565, not much was known about his childhood, especially the man himself. Named after his grandfather and born in London, England, was born into a rich family with a future of good education.  But of course, as every young man he didn't end up the way his family had planned. He did marry a lady named Katherine, had 3 sons, but the future was just beginning to unfold.

It all begins someplace

Well Henry wasn't the owner of the richest boat out there, he was stuck with a tiny old fellow named "The Hopewell" and 20 crew members, lucky him. His plans were to find a northern route to Asia, but that didn't happen, now did it? Now Henry here had a pretty rough journey, once again he had that small old boat with the handful of people, not only that he had to go across the Northern Region to be turned around twice (two completely different journeys), thanks to lovely giant blocks of ice. I bet you're wondering, how on earth did this man get famous? Well, after all he did take a quick stop at North America, (still being discovered at the time) and discovered the Hudson river and the Hudson bay, as well as whale hunting grounds.

Here's one of the areas he discovered also where he was left behind, as you can see, it is now called Hudson Bay in memory of Henry Hudson.

How did it impact us?

Of course to be a famous explorer you have to deserve it, so how did Henry deserve the title of being a famous explorer? Well consider the fact that after all he did somewhat help "open the door" for settlement in North America. He also did discover uncharted hunting grounds, and traded with Native Americans along the way.

This is the Hopewell that Henry Hudson did his journeys on, a rather small ship.

As mentioned in the video, even through then at the time Henry was considered more of a failure for never finishing the requested, now a days he's considered a famous explorer for other amazing things he has done.


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