Internet Safety

By: Dominic Luevano

5 tips to Internet safety

1.Check with your parents before you post any pictures of yourself.-The reason u should check what you post is if u post something bad it will never be deleted.

2.Don't giveaway your personal passwords to anyone not even your friends.-The reason u don't giveaway you're personal passwords is because they can use it and post bad stuff.

3.Don't agree to meet with online people you don't really know.-You should never agree to meet online people because they are not always who they say they are.

4.Do not download or install software or anything on the computer.-You should never agree to download or install stuff without you're parents approval because it could be bad

5.Never respond to mean or rude texts, messages, e-mail.-You should never respond to mean texts or emails because you can get you're feelings hurt and do dumb things and be mean to.

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