The electric motor was invented in 1834 by moritz Jacobi. The electric motor was the combination of electro magnets batteries and electric current.  

The reason electric motors were created was to power watches.

The positive effects of the electric motor where.  They could power our watches cars and many other things. also the electric motors can replace fuel burning engines and help make the air cleaner. The negative effects of electric motors. To create power you can burn coal which creates greenhouse gases. These gases pollute the air this is bad for our breathing air.

The electric motor has copper wire wrapped around a pole then the is a metal pole on the inside when electricity runs through the copper wire it turns the pole.

We still use the electric motor for many things to day. like a fan, a fan is powered   by an electric motor that follows a similar design to the first electric motors. The south had their cotton and other farming but the north didn't have very much for their economy. so this motivated them to come up with other ideas. One the ideas they came up with was the electric motor. which put us ahead of the south in the end our resourcefulness allowed us to beat them in the civil war.


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