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February 13, 2015

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AU Works with JCHS Band

Auburn band director working with JCHS band. #mcslearn #jchsfaculty #proudtobeajet @jchsband

Did you happen to hear amazing music drifting through the halls Friday? If so, you were blessed to hear the JCHS band working with the band director from Auburn University, Dr. Corey Spurlin.

Mr. Anderson reports, "This is our third annual winter band clinic. Over the course of three days, we have university level music educators come in to rehearse our ensembles. It’s like a mini band camp for the spring semester bands.
The days consist of rehearsals with university clinicians, and sectional rehearsals and master classes with members of Army Materiel Command Band from Redstone Arsenal. We also have the university clinicians lead an informal discussion on Friday evening with students and parents about continuing their music activities at the college level, regardless of major.
All the credit goes to Mr. Tankesley. This was and is his idea and he does a great job organizing and lining up clinicians for the event. Our students gain a great deal of insight and instruction from this camp."

Mr. Tankesley reports, "Not only does this give our students an amazing collegiate band experience, but it also give Keith and I professional development. By watching a collegiate level conductor work with our group we are able to grow as music educators. We are also able to meet and have dinner with these conductors to get ideas. It’s some of the best professional development a band director can get!"

Analyzing Patterns in Fashion

Reading patterns in Fashion. #jchsfaculty #mcslearn #proudtobeajet

In Mrs. Shamwell's Fashion class, students are analyzing patterns for making dresses. Students analyzed various factors of working from a pattern including the texture of the material or 'nap,' patterns in the material, positioning of zippers or buttons. First time a designer works with a pattern, there are many factors to consider in the design that many don't even think about. Students had great questions and were actively engaged. Designers will use the information used from this lesson to create dresses for little girls.

Participar en la Clase español

Jets converse in Spanish. #jchsfaculty #mcslearn #proudtobeajet

In Mrs. Crouch's Spanish II class all instruction is in Espanol. Quality questioning is an essential part of her instruction. However, her method of rewarding participation and assigning daily grades is pretty creative. When Mrs. Crouch asks a question (which keep in mind ALL conversation in her class is in Spanish), students hold up their fingers. Some hold up three fingers, seven, five. Mrs. Crouch tends to call on the student with the fewest fingers up. Then if the student answers correctly, they receive a tiny slip of paper which they keep in an envelop on their desk. What are the pieces of paper? Why are they holding up fingers? According to Mrs. Crouch, " They get a peso for each time that they participate (correctly).  They have to raise their hands with the number of pesos that they have, I call on the one who has the fewest pesos, and if they get it right, they get a peso.  Their participation/formative assessment grade comes from the pesos." What a creative way of getting students to participate and enact while keeping up with who and how many times a student responds correctly! How can you make your class participation more creative and effective?

Pilot's Lounge: The Flipped Classroom

Discussion of Flipped @ lunch and learn #jchsfaculty #mcslearn

This week's Pilot's Lounge was facilitated by Mrs. Bohatch who discussed the flipped classroom. She explained the many benefits to the flipped classroom calling it a type of blended learning. Teacher created videos and podcast, student created videos and podcasts, the Khan Academy, CK12, and the Explain Everything app where all discussed as ways of creating a flipped environment. Mrs. Bohatch also gave ways of holding students accountable like the use of Edpuzzle or allowing students to use the notes from watching videos at home on their quizzes they take in class.

Future Pilot's Lounge Lunch and Learns:

2/17- Mr. Hunt- Mimio use, 2/24- Mr Jeffreys- Mobi use, 3/03- Dr. Kovac from UAH

If you'd like to watch Mrs. Lilavois demonstrate an example of a teacher created video for the flipped classroom, watch below.

If you were unable to attend the discussion on the flipped classroom, here's one of sessions.

Flight School Review

This week's Flight School continued our discussion of using student reflection to monitor student achievement. Groups used a modified jigsaw to read and reflect on Ch 12 "Learning Through Reflection" from Costa and Kallick's book Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind. Teachers reflected on the chapter using the 4 As protocol (a reflective strategy). After discuss what they agreed with, argued, aspired, and the author's assumptions, teachers reflected that they would like to see more "real-world" classroom examples of student reflection; more experience reflectively thinking themselves so they can effectively model it and more specific reflection strategies.

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3 years ago

Jeanne Welt - I enjoyed learning with the Jets during the Flipped Learning Lunch & Learn that Carol facilitated and in 4th block Flight School. The conversations shared about reflection were so meaningful. Lots of opportunities to grow professionally at James Clemens:)