Is Nuclear Power the answer?

By: Christopher gutierrez per. 5

Four scientists have published literature on energy issues , they believe the future environment needs nuclear power. There is fear that it may threaten the ability to avoid dangerous climate changes. The energy resources we use today such as wind, solar and biomass, cannot deliver quickly , efficiently or inexpensive energy. Scientists don't expect drastic climate changes.

Structural Functional:

Providing more efficient and affordable energy for the future.( Manifest, Intended Consequence).

Scientists are trying to create an environment with "zero carbon power". (Manifest)

Scientists are using Nuclear Power for protection reasons, security in other countries. (Manifest)

Social Conflict:

It will benefit the poorer countries who can not afford, or do not have the supply of energy. While the more benefited countries who have many wind and solar plants.(Inequality , Intended Consequence)

People are scared of using nuclear energy when in fact others worry about the climate if we don't use it.( Intended Consequence, conflict)

Nuclear plants will benefit the country, but what about the surrounding communities it puts them in danger.( Conflict, Inequality)

Symbolic Interaction:

Scientists agree to provide energy faster and less expensive. (Subjective)

Poorer countries need a way to connect to more energy.(Changing , complex)

Scientists believe that we shouldn't be using nuclear energy because of what happened in other places such as Fukushima.(Interaction of Individuals, Verstehen)

I do believe that Nuclear Power should be used, for many reasons. Based on the articles i found it produces energy much more rapidly and efficiently. Unlike the methods scientists use to get energy, it is less expensive if controlled properly. Although it has shown to be a risk to communities surrounding Nuclear Plants , it has been proven not to harm the climate or change weather conditions. The only safe way to produce Nuclear energy would be in deserted areas with less population near by.

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