My Golden Door

My Magic Door!

By Luca Lenarduzzi

My magic door would be gold with a handle on the front of it. There would be a dragon holding it in its mouth. It would haves pictures of waves and mystical creatures in gems and diamonds. At the top in would have a secret code. If you translate it, it says’’ Enter if you dare...beyond this door holds a magical land’’. It would take you to a secluded beach with a beach shack with a small house. There would be perfect waves with a cliff where you would jump into the water. Beyond the forest path you would find a soccer field with two goals. After the field you would find a cave with two totem poles. Guess the password and you would walk into a private skatepark. After the pathway you would find a main beach with waves and normal waves. Like this land? Well you would find it in Hawaii. To make your land invisible to others there would be a secret invisible wall. Don’t forget the reason why you were transported here was because the golden door was made from gold metal.

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