Iraq's Water Case Study

Part One: Population

Current Population of Turkey, Iraq, and Syria

This is a pie chart of the current population of Turkey, Iraq, and Syria. Turkey is in blue, Iraq is in yellow, and Syria is in green.

The pie chart above shows that Turkey should get the most water, Iraq should get the second most amount of water, and Syria should get the least.

Projected Population of Turkey, Iraq, and Syria

This is a line graph that shows the projected population growth of Turkey, Iraq, and Syria.

The line graph shows that Turkey will still have the highest population for the next 36 years, Iraq will have the second largest, and Syria will still have the smallest population. Iraq seems to be catching up though in 2050.

Final Conclusion

The higher the population, the more water the country will request. With Turkey having the highest population it is reasonable to let them have the largest amount of water. Then Iraq should have the second largest amount, and Syria with the smallest amount. As the populations grow, and the need for water increases, the countries will demand more water than right now, and get angrier.

Part Two:
Water Availibility and Use

Total renewable water compared to the total withdrawal

In this bar graph we see the total renewable water compared to the total withdrawal

This graph shows that there is more renewable water than total withdrawal, so Iraq will be okay as of now.

Internal renewable water compared to external renewable water

This bar graph shows total internal renewable water compared to total external renewable water. Look at the units on the left if confused

This graph shows that Iraq gets more renewable water from the other countries rather than itself.

Final Conclusion

Because Iraq has more total water withdrawal than internal renewable water, it is necessary that Iraq gets water from Turkey and Syria. If Iraq doesn't then the people in Iraq will soon be dead.

Part Three: Water Needs

Withdrawal from agriculture compared to withdrawal from industry compared to withdrawal to domestic use

This pie chart compares water withdrawal for agriculture(blue), withdrawal for industry(green), and withdrawal for domestic use(yellow)

Iraq needs water for the field in Iraq. 92% of all of the water goes towards the fields, and keeping people feed, as well as creating a trading tool. Iraq needs water for the fields.

Final Conclusion

We can decide that Iraq needs more water for the fields because the final product is better and sells higher than the original product. Iraq also uses over 9/10ths of it's water for their fields! Iraq doesn't really need too much water for it's industry or domestic use. If you didn't know as well, Iraq has the most withdrawal for agriculture. Only three extra cubic kilometers of water are used for other uses.

The Reason Iraq Needs More Water
The Final Conclusion

The Paragraph in Which I Tell You why Iraq Deserves More Water

There are many reasons why Iraq deserves more water from Turkey and Syria. One of the biggest reasons is because Iraq has the most fields out of the three countries. Iraq uses 92% of it's yearly water just for farmland in Iraq! Another reason is that with the population line graph near the top it shows that in 2050 Iraq goes up extremely! I believe that this means Iraq will within 100 years have a higher population than Turkey, and therefore deserves more water. Another reason we need water from other countries is that Iraq has a higher withdrawal than internal water, so without water from the other countries, people could die from dyhradtion, and food could never be produced because of Turkey and Syria keeping their water for themselves. I believe that we deserve the second most amount of water, behind Turkey and infront of Syria.

This is one of the terrible fields that Iraq owns. If there was more water going through it might grow some product.
This was the first image that showed up after I looked up,"turkey fields". Please compare these beautiful fields to the fields of Iraq above
Just one of the rivers that runs through Turkey.
A river that doesn't have enough water to run through Iraq.

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