My Portfolio

In this portfolio i will be showing some cases of work from this current year at college from Photoshop work to written pieces

work piece one I'm currently working unit 19 Digital Graphics for Interactive Media on a task to create a DVD menu for the film The Babadook

for my second work it comes from the same unit 19 and it is the planning process which shows 3 ideas for the DVD menu 1.The Babadook, 2. Dracula Untold and finally The Hobbit The Battle Of The Five Armies.

An example of my work

Written Proposal

Throughout this unit I intend to re-create or redesign a DVD menu. The three films I am choosing to design is the new film which comes out in December call the Hobbit the battle of the five armies or the new horror film called the Babadook which was released in the cinemas on the 30th of this month, also the new film called Dracula untold which was release this month

The idea I have carefully chosen is to do the film DVD menu the Babadook the reason behind this decision is because out of the three ideas I have gather more information for this one than any others and I feel like I would personally enjoy doing this rather than the others as I've mentioned in the hobbit that is more unrealistic.

The Hobbit the Battle of the five armies

the way these film DVD menus are shown are quite boring as there isn't really anything happening the only thing I do like about is the text and that is because it suits the film, the second film the desolation of Smaug DVD menu is better in my opinion is that instead of just a plain line (shown here) there is an arrow pointing to one of the options and with the dragon and that if you have read the book you will understand it or if not most likely pick up on it

The Babadook

The Babadook has only just come out into the UK cinemas and I would like to create a DVD menu for this film because I know that I have a good idea for this film and that idea is to stay with the book idea and have to pages turn when you press the option you want to go to and if you click the play movie icon it speeds past all the way to end of the book and slams shuts

During this unit I've created the play, scene selection and language page for the film The Babadook which is a horror film and was released last year the reason why i choose to do this film and not some Hollywood blockbuster film is because I really liked the idea of the book as the film is based around it.

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