If Being Ethical Was Lucrative, Everyone Would Do It!

I Choose No Other Way, But To Be Ethical!

I Was as an Entrepreneur Masquerading as an Employee #39

A hundred years from not it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove… but the world may be different, because I made a difference in the lives of others.

Welcome to The FEEL Center Project LLC & Financial Fitness Gym

Free Financial Wellness Consultation

The word FEEL in The FEEL Center Project LLC & Financial Fitness Gym is an acronym.

F- Financial: You must have a great relationship with you finances.

E- Education: This is the foundation to which opportunities can grow.

E- Employment: Where you gain experience and knowledge to be a leader. It should not be a chore!

L- Legal: There will come a time in everyone's life where you will need proper legal representation.

The FEEL Center Project was created 01/2014. We received our LLC status 06/2014. The Financial Fitness Gym was added to the business model to address options for all income levels.

My goal was to create a financial resource learning center, which allows citizens from all walks of life, all income levels, all educational backgrounds and all ethnicity to find real long term financial, educational, employment and legal solutions, not just short term fixes.

To partner with other entrepreneurs, industry leaders, youth groups, financial organization, academic professional and legal scholars. To address financial inequality due to inadequate financial literacy and financial wellness which I believe is the core reason, so many of our citizens, here in America and globally struggle.

I believe I have done just that!

Financial stress is the #1 cause of stress in our life. How we manage it will determine what kind of financial future we shall have. Society has and continues to create citizens, which rely on others to do their financial biding, when our finances should and must be managed by each and every citizen.

One need not be an economist to understand the basic rules!

Debt is not the problem! How one manages it is! How is your financial wellness?

In the last 3 decades government and citizens have allowed industry, which have made billions off the backs of hard working citizens. Industries which have and continue to manipulate, deceive, compromise, mislead and create a culture of bad practices all in the name of greed. Industries which disregard their own mission statements and core values! Industries which retaliate have hostile work environment and substandard management oversight for personal gain at the expense of others.

Individuals who gave or have given their all, which my 28 as a retail executive has shown me to be true!

Individuals who expect adequate compensation for their efforts!

Individuals who are blamed for everything, when situation don’t go accordingly, due to little or no training and are rewarded very little when things do go accordingly.

Individuals haven’t given up on industry, unions, organization, government or businesses. Industry, union, organization, government and businesses have given up on individuals.

Individuals are not walking away from good living wage jobs; individuals have come to the understanding we don’t have to settle for low wage jobs which offer little or no opportunities.

A nation which created the likes of Facebooks, Google, Twitter , Instagram, Amazon, LinkedIn, Walmart, Target, UPS, Coke Cola, Pepsi, Nike, Global Citizens, Three Avocados, Youth Financial literacy and a host of other prestigious organization.

A nation with the best Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and National Guard leading the way in all areas related to military service. Yet we have service men and women being exploited by the same manipulative and deceptive industries and tactics.

A nations which has given us the likes of Dr. Maya Angelou, President Barrack & First Lady Michelle Obama, President Bill & First Lady Hillary Clinton, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Steve Case, Phil Knight, Rachael Meadow, Rev. Al Sharpton, Chris Matthew, Melissa Harris Perry, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson and Lawrence O’Donnell. In no particular order of importance, just noteworthy and very accomplished individuals who have and are still making a real difference in my life and the lives of millions.

There are billion dollar industries, making righteous profits manipulating the courts systems. i.e. Junk Debt Buyers, Debt Collection Agencies and The Major three reporting agencies (Experian, Trans union and Equifax). Is it not time to give citizens a fighting chance and create an industry which takes the pain out of dealing with threats, lies, and cheats who prey on our most vulnerable?

The FEEL Center Project LLC & Financial Fitness Gym could be the financial resource center which could restore financial wellness and educate families on financial fitness; financial security through financial education and financial literacy.

The next two years will set the stage for the future in which we want to live. I believe we are up to the task; we just have to stop waiting for thing happen and start making things happen.

I want a future free from unnecessary financial stress and The FEEL Center Project LLC & Financial Fitness Gym can assist you and yours in reaching that goal.

You have more options than you know, you just have to stop listening to those who are hell bent on saying you don’t and you can’t!

What kind of future do you want?

I’m living my dream and sharing my passion for financial wellness with restoring faith to those who need guidance related to personal financial matters. The FEEL Center Project LLC & Financial Fitness Gym will aid citizens in combating the complexities of the monetary and financial structure.

As a show of my appreciation for sharing some of your time to read my post, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart with an early Christmas gift.

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I’m an American citizen, but citizens across the globe are in need of solutions and with your help we can make a difference. I’m just one; one who believes in us all.

Thank you everyone for all your support and encouragement.