California Earthquack

Mrs.Benson October 17, 2013

There was an earthquake that happened in California the time of the earthquake was October 17, 1989 at 5:04p.m. The location is 10 miles northeast of the city of Santa Cruz, California. The Magnitude is 7.1 and the earthquake killed about 8,000 people each year. People said California is known as “The Earthquake Capital of the World”. And Earthquakes are mostly caused by geologic faults. There were four types of faults when the California happened. ON May 25, 1803 damaged the San Diego Church do the road from where everybody else lived. The first strong recorded earthquake occurred in Los Angles. The California Geological Survey studies earthquakes to help Californians plan and build earthquake resistant communities. We record the strong ground motion from earthquakes, study the distribution of historic earthquakes and evaluate faults that are the source of earthquakes. We combine that information to prepare maps showing the potential for ground shaking, fault rupture, liquefaction and seismically induced land sliding. Earthquake is calculated by projecting earthquake rates based on earthquake history and fault rates. The result is expressed as the probability that an earthquake of a specified magnitude will occur on a fault or within an area. The California Earthquake Rupture Forecast, by the 2007 Working Group on California Earthquakes, gives the first statewide estimate of earthquake probabilities for the next 30 years.

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