Best Photos

Some of my favorites from around the internet.

Here's a collection of some of what I think are the best photos ever.

Please note they are not in one particular order.

1.Wolves are becoming pretty rare now. They were taken off the endangered species list, but who knows how long they could be off the list? Also, it would be pretty hard to get that close to a wolf...

Photographer: Not available, Date Taken: Not available

2.  This lion's mane jellyfish picture is absolutely amazing. Those colors, and the way it stands out against the blue water.                                                                                                       Photographer: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images. Date taken: Sometime in 2011, exact date not available.

3. Look at that tiger. So cute, but also, somehow kind of scary at the same time. Who knows how much longer we'll be able to look at tigers and think that they are still around?

4. Look at this photo. Southern lights are an amazing illusion that are rare, but beautiful. This picture really shows the beauty of the southern lights.

Photographer: Keith Vanderlinde Date taken: 2008, exact date not available.

5. These dolphins and that underwater view combined make this a great photo. Also, some species of dolphins are very rare, and beautiful to look at.

Photographer: Not available. Date Taken: Not available

6. A ribboned sea dragon. The colors on this little sea creature are amazing, not to mention the fins. Ribboned sea dragons are rare, so opportunities for these photos do not happen often.

Photographer: Jeff Whitlock. Date taken: Sometime in 2011.

7. Look at this picture and say it isn't amazing. Located in Mexico, Yucatan Cenotes is a very popular place for divers to go and explore. No wonder why.

Photographer: Not available     Date Taken:Sometime in 2012.

8. This photo shows a side of nature we don't see often. The rainbow seems to take up more space than normal...

Photographer:  Not available           Date Taken: Not available.

9.  This photo of a dog with a herd of water buffalo is amazing, and shows that domestic animals and wild animals might get 'along better than we think

Photographer: Not available         Date Taken: Sometime in 2012

10. Look at all those ducks, and say that isn't an insane amount. When will you ever see anything like this again?

Photographer: Not available.  Date Taken: Not available

11. This picture shows that sharks might look scary... Ok, they do most of the time. But there are people who can actually touch them without getting a hand bitten off.

Photographer: Barcroft Media/OUG PERRINE/Landov               Date Taken: Sometime in 2012

12. This picture shows that even the scariest animals can be cute at times. Including sometimes vicious polar bears.

Photographer: Jeff Chiu/AP                          Date Taken: Not avilable

13. This picture is so cute. It shows that even species that used to hunt another one can become friends with that species.

Photographer: Ulrich Perrey/Getty Images         Date Taken: Sometime in 2012

14. This bear can be barely seen under that thick layer of snow. Shows us sometimes that things can hide, even when not meaning to.

Photographer:  LEHTIKUVA/Reuters.    Date Taken: Sometime in 2012

15. Okay, last picture! This photo shows a sloth "photobombing" a group of students. This picture is adorable and funny, and it shows that sometimes even wild animals have a goofy and interactive side with humans, unlike a few reclusive species.

Photographer: Caters News Service     Date Taken: Not available

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