Hour 3
2/17/15 - Antigone
(Sentry: Nisa Yang, Creon: Youa Her, Choragos: Xiong Mee Vang)

Sentry: "I have something important to tell you, king Creon"! (running and exhausted)

Creon: What are you going to tell?(confusing face)

Sentry: Don't blame me if I tell you this important message!

Creon: Just tell me! Hurry up to the point!

Sentry: It's a terrible consequences!

Creon: Tell me now!

Sentry: The dead body Polynices. Someone has took him to buried. I do not know who that person is. I will not take the punishment because I'm the guard who understand that the king doesn't like bad news.

Choragos: It maybe be the god who did this!

Creon: How can the God do this? Come to your sense! You know money is not important! And whoever buried Polyneices will be punish!

Sentry: Can I ask you something?

Creon : Your voice upsets me.

Sentry: Is that you're feeling guilty towards me

Creon : You want to examine me ?!!!

Sentry : It's true. But I didn't buried Polyneices.

Creon: Don't talk anymore!!

Sentry : I didn't do anything !

Creon: Sold your body in return for money.

Sentry: Why would a good person judges wrong !

Creon: You may tell me the truth. But bring me the body so I can trust you.

Sentry: I want to bring the man who did this to you but I will not be involve with this! I'm out of here! (Talking to self)