Education: Classes that will be taught will be


Housing:  In the society living choices are limited to location of your house all homes are the same, and publically provided. When a person chooses to enter the society there are given a home of their choosing, people own their own homes. all houses are two bedroom one bathroom, free electricity, water, maintenance, and free food provided. This is the ideal way to setup housing for a utopian society because if you live in a perfect society you will not have to forage yourself for food if everyone has hunter gathering jobs then you all help each other enough you don't have to do it on your own.

Employment: Consists of gathering raw materials, Miner, Gathers minerals such as coal, iron, or gemstones, the job requires being underground for extended periods, trained by a experienced cave miner.

Lumberjack, Harvest trees for lumber for housing and supply fire wood for heat, to obtain the job you must have experience in wildlife, and plantlife, you can apply for the job. To be trained for the job you are taught how to tell which way trees fall when they are cut and how to change the direction of the tip.

Currency: The currency is fair trade there is no inflated value each item is worth what it is worth to trade for say someone has a harvest of tomatoes they would be worth generally the same amount as carrots and could be traded for. Money has no use in this community because money breeds greed.

Transportation: Public bussing transit is provided for the community making it to every bus stop every hour to move citizens to their next destination.

Environment & Climate: To have a perfect climate there must be four seasons with short durations that are not to strong without mountains so there could not be avalanches. There must be no pollution, and free of parasites such as ticks and fleas to prevent spread of diseases.



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