Abraham Lincoln

By Ms. Bloyd-Peshkin

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States of America.

Lincoln's Timeline

Feb. 12, 1809: Lincoln was born in Kentucky.

December 1816: Lincoln's family moves to Indiana.

October 5, 1818: Lincoln's mother dies.

March 1830: Lincoln's family moves to Illinois.

May 1833: Lincoln becomes the postmaster of New Salem.

August 4, 1834: Lincoln elected to the Illinois State Legislature.

March 1, 1837: Lincoln becomes a lawyer.

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Abraham Lincoln debating Frederick Douglas at Knox College in 1858.

Where is Lincoln from?

Why was Lincoln important?

Abraham Lincoln was important because he helped keep the Union together during the Civil War and helped start the process of ending slavery. (This should be a paragraph.)

Abraham Lincoln

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