Katherine and Holly

1. Find the literary definition of allusion (not what pops up on Google when you search it)

A literary tactic or device used to refer to another object outside of literature.

2. Describe your alluded character?


What do they look like?

  • Cupid has medium lengthed hair with large white wings.

What is their power? Their purpose?

  • Cupid’s power is the power of making any two people fall in love, or out of love as shown when he made Daphne feel indifferent about Apollo after making Apollo fall in love with Daphne.
  • His purpose is to control love, messing with people sometimes just for fun.

What is their myth?

    • Psyche is a gorgeous woman. Venus gets jealous and sends her son Cupid to make her fall in love with a monster. Distracted by her beauty, Cupid accidentally pokes himself with an arrow and falls in love with Psyche. Life continues on but it seems that no one wants to marry Psyche. Psyche’s parents get worried and consult the oracle of Apollo. It tells them that Psyche is supposed to marry a monster and to leave her on a mountain to be picked up. Zephyr takes her to the palace. The palace is awesome and full of treasures. Her husband comes in later that night and tells her that she is not allowed to see him. Psyche’s sisters become jealous of her glorious lifestyle and ask her about it. Psyche lies at first but eventually tells her sister that she only sees him at night. They convince Psyche to take a look at him while he is sleeping. She decides to do it and brings a knife along with her just in case. She finds out he is beautiful and Cupid. He wakes up and leaves furious. After hearing this, Psyche’s sisters go up to the mountain to try and get her husband for themselves and fall to their death. Psyche goes looking for Cupid and finds him. They live happily ever after.
  • What symbols/rituals/festivals are associated with them?

Hearts, bows, arrows.

3. Why would Shakespeare choose to allude to your character?

He is a symbol of love and one of the main themes in Much Ado About Nothing is love.

4. EQ: How does the stories about your character relate to the theme of Conflict and Change in MAAN?

Cupid was said to very attractive but he desired no one just like Benedick and Beatrice said the desired no one but then fell in love though they were thought to despise each other.

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