By- Drew Smith

Some people have a good level of self esteem, and some people have very low self esteem. Self esteem means to have confidence in one's own worth or abilities. Having low self esteem can lead to becoming needy, being offended easily, eating disorders, poor relationships, social skills, and more.

The online company, "About-Face" stated, "In the eighth grade, girls who objectify their bodies more have much lower self-esteem. For this reason, diminishing self-esteem arising in early adolescence may make girls particularly vulnerable to cultural messages that promise them popularity, effectiveness, and social acceptance through the right “sexy” look. On the other hand, the drop in self-esteem may be a result of how responsive they are to these cultural messages."

Students in middle school can gain low self esteem from other students comparing each other to students, or comparing themselves. When you think of bad self esteem a common thought that comes up in your head is girls and their bodies, but, boys have low self esteem too.

Most children will have low self-esteem when they go through different stages or challenges in life. Like starting a new school, moving house, changes in the family and a lot of other things that can affect a kids confidence, but with support from parents and friends they can usually get through it. states that, "However, some children seem to have low self-esteem from an early age. This may be partly down to their personalities – some people naturally have a more negative outlook on life than others. Or they may have had an unsettled time as a baby or toddler, due to health problems, family difficulties or having a parent who was depressed or preoccupied."

Simply Psychology. org states that, "More than 40% of boys in middle school and high school regularly exercise with the goal of increasing muscle mass."